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Street Fighter II Wizard Discovers New Combos 26 Years After Release

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Joe Hart becomes an old England head and looks to instil calm

A few days on from England’s defeat to Germany and positivity continues to surround Project Southgate. The result was not what the manager wanted in his first game in full-time charge but the performance was undeniably encouraging. There was poise …

Ireland's Seamus Coleman Gets His Leg Snapped By Welsh Defender In World Cup Qualifier 

Ireland defender Seamus Coleman was stretchered off the field during a World Cup qualifying match against Wales today, after a flying tackle by Welsh defender Neil Taylor appeared to snap his leg. Taylor was immediately issued a red card. The …

RFU keen to streamline Six Nations by scrapping one of the two rest weeks

The Rugby Football Union is seeking to reduce the length of the Six Nations to six weeks despite claims that the players are already at breaking point. The RFU chief executive, Ian Ritchie, also admitted he has not been consulted …

Jonny May seals victory as Gloucester take maximum points against Bristol

Bristol are on course for an immediate return to the Championship after losing to their county rivals on a night that summed up why their return to the top-flight after a seven-year absence has been underwhelming. There was no shortage …

Deadspin Up All Night: I Had To Wait

Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Sometimes you get what you want, it just takes a while. Read more… Source link

Séamus Coleman broken leg overshadows Republic of Ireland draw with Wales

The defining image of the evening was a worrying one as Séamus Coleman left the field on a stretcher, holding an oxygen mask and with his right leg heavily strapped. Everton and the Republic of Ireland will fear the worst …

Roll, Panda! Roll!

Make way for the little panda! He’s got rolls to do! Read more… Source link

In Defense Of Skyline Chili, The Good Kind Of Diarrhea Sludge

Photo Illustration by Elena Scotti/Deadspin/GMG “You really want the green noodles?” asked the seemingly amazed young man taking my order. “I do.” I sensed that my server believed the already-unappealing dish was made infinitely worse with the addition of green-colored …

Rory McIlroy refuses to panic about Masters after Match Play exit

Any comparison between Rory McIlroy and Lance Corporal Jones must register among the most peculiar of all time. It is doubtful the Northern Irishman has either watched Dad’s Army or would be of a mind to admit it. Nonetheless, the …
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