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Quotes MEP ~ OPEN [My Inspiration]

NOTE: This is not a normal MEP, it’s another one of my weird ones. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE DESCRIPTION BEFORE APPLYING FOR A PART.

Ok, so for this MEP there are no lyrics as you’re going to put text on the screen instead of lyrics. If you get a part, you put a quote in it ^-^ It can be anything, from a movie, poet whatever you want. If you want to get the idea, watch the “Inspiration MEP” on my channel here:

•YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PART DONE IN 3 DAYS, NO EXCEPTIONS. (Acapella is coming btw, waiting on one person)
•Theme is bright colors, like in the video 😀
•Put at least one quote in your part xx
•Comment the password and what part you would like (I’ll look at your channel for editing)
•Tell me when it’s uploaded
•Password is your favorite author 😉
•I will reply if it’s yours, do not make it until I confirm please ;o;

INTRO: Rose Winterheart
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4: Jaquelin Hawkroad [Due 25/3/17]
Part 5: Lauren Dragonwatcher [Due 25/3/17]
Part 6: †Katniss† [Due: 25/3/17]
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:
Part 10:
Part 11: Crystal Diamondbridge [Due: 25/3/17]
Part 12: Sandy Skywater [Due 25/3/17]
Part 13:
Part 14:
Part 15:
Part 16:
Part 17:
Part 18:
Part 19:
Part 20:
OUTRO: Rose Winterheart

Don’t be afraid to ask for a part!
I don’t bite :3



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