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SAILING SEA NOMAD Coral Reef Maps Seashells and Scuba Diving the Mergui Archipelago

Another eventfull week aboard Sea Nomad went past and we kept busy for sure.
With Alex finishing up the Reef Maps we got something else to show ones more, keep cleaning up the Archipelago island by island or beach by beach at the time and talk a bit more about little things that everyone can to to help our Seas to stay a bit cleaner than they are now.
We also introduce the first officially named Reef Building Corals down to the species as well as a start on the Seashell Identification for the Mergui Archipelago Islands in general and Boulder island especially!
With some more Scuba diving over amazing reefs we keep enjoying the marine Wildlife of these pristine islands but don’t loose the focus of long term protecting this jewel of the world and doing our very best to make sure this amazing magic underwater world does not become yet another victim of Overfishing and Big industries including tourism in the future.

In the Meantime we also keep working on Sea Nomad keeping her in good shape and tweaking accomodation and workspaces for further better use as well as making plans for the months to come and as always, we apreciate guests, suppoorters and all sorts of input from YOU, our supporters and followers!
If you want to join us for an Expedition and Research Work aboard Sea Nomad and into the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar or the transit from Southern Myanmar to Southern Thailand, past Surin and Similan National parks, some amazing snorkeling and research work along the way, send us a Mail, leave us a comment and let us know!

For now, all the best and we hope you enjoy the video!
More updates as always: Next week!

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